This retreat made me realize all of us can love all | Inspire: Surrender Your Fire in La Trinidad, Benguet

Earlier in May, I attended a creative retreat hosted by the brave women named Kitkat and Sofia. I came to discover the works of Sofia through her Instagram and blog. She amazes and ignites many with her daring art which are more than just pretty visuals. Her perspective on life laces into writing which taps into your creative urges and unites readers with a message that everyone can and should make art, no matter which form, and show it to the world.

That early morning of the retreat, I arrived at the wellness center and I saw her for the first time smiling and greeting me at the huge metal gate. We both exclaimed, “Finally! Finally!” We were walking together and I couldn’t believe this fate. Upon sitting on the floor donned with boho cushions and blankets while indie chill music plays on the background, I was looking at everyone’s faces and I instantly felt bottomless bliss. It was a melting pot of all kinds of artists. Some make videos and take photos, others were into fashion and create bohemian and tribal apparel. There were also those who blog, travel, surf, and organize events. It is a miracle being surrounded by all these beautiful strangers who mutually beat for art and commit to living art. My body was exploding with light and my heart was pounding with gratitude.

Bloodrush creative retreat. Photo by Sofia Cope
Bloodrush creative retreat. Photo by Sofia Cope

Ahhhh so she’s bursting in her bubble right now. She’s giddy, she’s in love for sure. With all these strangers dipping their blood into their paper. A gentle scratching of their soul. She. She is amazed at this interconnection at this moment, in this lifetime. She wants to go places through her body, through her spirit. She really really really wants to open up and be free as a child. And she wants to not care but only love, love in the purest. Lucky girl, she isn’t torn right now, she is floating in content and peace and the world needs this, needs her. She is wild in her quietness. There is power in her stillness. She’s mumbling random stuff I can’t understand. Her lover calls her hippie. Her brother calls her weird. And she’s okay being everything. Possibilities are all we need anyway. She’s bursting wide and weird and wild. She needs not answers, she is truly here. She’s out of the bubble and she can hear the machine, the cutlery, the voices of souls and pens, and she’s in love.

May, 2016 (Written for a 10-minute exercise during Bloodrush)

Days after the creative retreat, my voice was quivering with joy speaking the details of the event to two of my friends. Suddenly, Jamie blurted out, “You should organize your own retreat!”

I lighted up with the idea.


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A Mindful Life: I attempt, forget, try again, feel bliss, fail, discover, breathe and everything is okay

Months and years pass like clouds, so so easily. While drinking beer and eating barbecue with friends in a darkly-lit, Mexican restaurant, a thought flashes amidst the talk and the laughter. It’s 2016 and I don’t remember how I got here. That feels horrible and disturbing. We’ve done a variety of adventurous activities and experienced them like it’s our last day on Earth, we met the most interesting and creative people from different nations, we achieved a mountain of goals and desires. But what happened? How come I don’t remember? How come I crave for more? It’s an excruciating thought, to feel like we traipse here and there yet arrive nowhere. No wonder many of us feel like we’re wasting our life. Time is not to blame, nor the quantity of activities we explore and the circumstances that unexpectedly occur, and not even the people around us – these are external, for the most part we can’t control. But something that we can is our relationship with the situation – this is internal. The quality of life wholly depends on our being. A thought flashes again. Mindfulness.

Our intention is to affirm this life, not to bring order out of chaos, nor to suggest improvements in creation, but simply to wake up to the very life we’re living, which is so excellent once one gets one’s mind and desires out of its way and lets it act of its own accord. -John Cage, Where the Heart Beats: John Cage, Zen Buddhism, and the Inner Life of Artists

So how do we dance to our 24 hours while letting our mind act of its own accord? How do we give back to the gift of life?mindfulness_art of movement_lovey marquez (3)

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