On the Art of Conjuring and Manifesting Dreams | Bagan, Myanmar

Exactly a year ago, a friend I’ve met in Pai, Thailand asked what it is I want the most in life. I was sharing to him a link of the documentary The Secret (a.k.a Law of Attraction). He inquired what it is about and I answered with huge enthusiasm that it reveals how to get what you truly want in life, actually backed up science. He then asked me, “What is it you want in life?” It was a simple question yet it was quite shocking on my nerves. I felt like I was confronted with a question so immense and possible at the same time it became scary. I hesitated for a few seconds and typed in my reply, “I want to pass the program I’m applying for coz I wanna study again. And visit Myanmar.” Both came true. The first one is another story. The second one happened on April of this year.DSC08811 Continue reading “On the Art of Conjuring and Manifesting Dreams | Bagan, Myanmar”