Word Walk: Writing Inspired by Walking

a writing workshop

Traveling has led me to writing about my travels and creating a soulful blog out of it. After one year, a travel retreat was held up north where mountains listened to our stories of movement towards and most especially within. Reading Maria Popova’s articles on Brain Pickings every single day fed me the idea of co-creating a passion project with a dear friend. Our e-mail exchange of prose/poetry & photography bloomed into a website and just this year turned into an exhibit.

The thing is this world is filled with treasures upon treasures of ideas, whether they may be hidden in chests or may be as obvious as the sunlight. They are yours for the taking, waiting to be claimed. But, do you “hold your mind still in order to hear inspiration clearly”?

This applies to writing.

Sometimes, the creative process gets difficult, stuck, dry, uninspired. It could be doubts, laziness, or perfectionism. It could be trying too hard to achieve something.

Sometimes, in the process of writing we try too much by thinking about it too much. And as we obsess over OUTCOMES, we get stuck in our OUTPUTS…

But how about we let it go?

How about we embrace the art of trying not to try? There’s a Chinese concept about it, it’s called wu-wei! Effortless. Spontaneous. Like a river flowing. Messy. Organic. Can we be open to practicing this type of writing process?

Why not?

For writing does not stop with laptops and mobile phones, ink and paper, rules and theories. To explore your life and the world outside is part of the creative journey too. This is what this writing workshop is about.

Walk your way into the best writing you’ll ever have.

You’ll be surprised: inside that peaceful park or along the crowded neon streets, there words will be.



Visit the Facebook event page for more details and updates. You can also send me an e-mail if you have any questions.